The Importance Of Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a central part of most marketing campaigns. The term generally refers to packaging, advertising, printed materials, business cards and just about any other tangible, printed item. The package that shows up when you order something on the internet is a great example of visual merchandising. Brands of all type and size can rely on professional designers to implement a visual merchandising campaign in line with their overall marketing and branding direction. Having focused and directed packaging design is often made easier when you hire a third party design firm.

The Perks of Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising should be thought of as one small part of your overall marketing efforts. Most package design comes as an afterthought, or is largely determined by the product it is meant to hold. Also, since so much business is done online, and packages are now shipped directly to the buyer, there is an increased focus on individual packaging. Instead of just creating something that will sit on the shelf, top designers need something that will ship efficiently and excited the customers as they open it. While shipping creates restrictions, it presents great opportunity for creative package design.

Design firms don't just focus on creating a nice label and printing it onto cardboard. The process is much more involved. They must figure out how the product will safely fit within the package, how to keep down the weight, how to incorporate the packaging with the printing and logos, and how to do all of this affordably. For many companies, sustainability is also an issue.

Why Third Party Designers are the Way to Go

This can be a lot to swallow, no matter how savvy your marketing firm is. Designers with specific experience with package design can help create a merchandising campaign that will stand out from the rest. The key is that they can integrate your package construction with the design. That is, they will know all the technical packaging requirements, logistics and best methods for every aspect of the actual package. When you are trying to handle your package design in house, you are basically choosing a prefabricated box and slapping your logo on it.

You might be skeptical of bringing a third party design firm into your marketing campaigns, for fear that they might not fully understand the brand direction. Remember, you have ultimate control of when gets made and you don't have to pay for products that you don't approve of beforehand. Contact a firm, like Arc and Co., for more help.